cozyblue stitch club :: february 2017

have you seen our february pattern for #cozybluestitchclub yet?

i know many of you have gotten this already -- i'm super impressed with the stitching i've seen over on IG.

i'll be sharing my own stitching progress there too. feel free to follow along with me, or feel free to do something completely different with it! part of the fun is that you get to be creative with the stitches and colors, and thinking outside the box (or the line, i should say).
and part of the fun for me is seeing all the creative variations on my designs. you guys are seriously crafty! i love watching you have fun with embroidery using my designs.

i need name suggestions for this one! comment and tell me your ideas. if i choose yours, you'll get a little something free from me.

want to join? yay!! we'd love to have you!