tips &tricks :: framing and finishing

today i wanted to share my favorite way quick and easy way to finish and frame an embroidered hoop.
(you can check out this video that i posted a while back, to see this method in action (it moves really fast))

  • first, i like to back my piece with another layer of fabric to protect the back of my work and to neaten it up.

  • next, put your fabric in the hoop, center it and tighten it up.

  • trim fabric evenly around the hoop (1.5 - 2 inches is what i usually do)

  • leaving a long tail, sew a loose running stitch around the outer edge.

  • when you get all the way around, pull the ends of the thread and cinch it up, gathering the fabric with the stitches.

  • tie a knot, tuck in the ends of the floss, and you're done!

i really like this method because it's quick, easy, AND you can take the fabric out of the hoop if you need to.

here's how it looks from the back: