tips & tricks :: working with 2 colors at once


i'm almost finished with this beauty, our november pattern for stitch club, and (i feel like a broken record when i say this but it's true!) i am so happy with the way it's stitching up!

when i designed this, my plan was to use 2-color fly stitch for the loopy-bumpy rings. i started with 2 working threads, using the red as the anchor stitch, but quickly realized that there was way too much tangling happening for me to enjoy the stitching.
so i came up with a work around that stitched up quickly, easily, and beautifully!

basically, i went around the rings with the red floss, stitching the anchor stitches, then i came back around with the white. i started at the bottom right end of the bump (1 bump = 1 stitch), went under the red stitch, and then down at the bottom left of the bump.  i skipped every other bump and then went back and filled in the empty bumps, so that i could continue working R-L for each white stitch.
does that make sense?

it's easier to show you than tell you, so i'm inserting a video below, for those of us who are visual learners.


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