cozyblue stitch club :: be still


this design is inspired by something that is on my mind a lot: stillness.

i think we all know how vital it is to intentionally set aside time to just BE, to get quiet, to step away from the hectic and non-stop busy pace of our lives. but often, that is easier said than done. the good news is, stillness and meditation can take many forms, and there is more than one way to quiet the mind.

personally, i find embroidery to be very meditative. taking time to sit still, to focus your attention on one stitch, then anther, then another...bringing your awareness to the creative work in front of you, right here, right now. being mindful and creative makes me a happier person, and i bet it’s the same for you.

the world needs more happy people, so let’s keep stitching!


for my version, i've used a handful of basic stitches:

back, whipped back. straight, satin, chain, and fly stitches.

here are the details, if you'd like to follow along:

hands [back / 2]
scallops [satin / 2]
ferns [back / 1 ... i also used a single fly stitch at the sharp curve of each loop]
blue flowers [star / 2] and the white rays [straight / 1]
red flower [whipped back stitch / 2]
stems [back / 2]


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