cozyblue stitch club :: january 2017

so, I started stitching up my #cozybluestitchclub for january --  galaxy girl!

she's the newest girl in my series (along with home, flower, and mushroom girls) and she's pretty fabulous.

also included in the pattern pack is this amazing variegated coloris floss from DMC. it's been fun to see how the colors show up as the stitching progresses.
TIP: if you want to see more variance in the colors, jump around a little more with your stitches. what i mean is, take a stitch or two, and then carry the thread behind to a new section of the pattern (don't carry too far, or the tension will be wonky), stitch a few stitches there, and then come back to where you started. you 'll have a new section of color when you take your next stitch.

i'm using a single strand of floss for these little stars and swirls and knots, and i love the way it's turning out!